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Richard Parr Richard Parr
Hi everyone, my name is Richard Parr and I bought a pair of hearing aids from Swift Hearing Centers about one year ago. Chantelle did the hearing test and found something wrong with my left ear(infection) despite having my ear checked often by my family Doctor. She promptly asked me to make an appointment with a ear, nose & ear specialist. She would not sell me hearing aids until I was seen by a specialist. After I saw the Doctor she fitted me with hearing aids, which were reasonably priced. Chantelle and her staff treated me with the up most respect and have been very supportive and helpful ever since i received my hearing aids. I would recommend if you are looking for great hearing aids and after sales services that you make an appointment with Swift Hearing Centers in Swift Current. Chantelle is very knowledgeable and has very knowledgeable and has very knowledgeable and helpful staff. April: 9,2015

Mary Hoffart Mary Hoffart
After many years of debating whether I should get my hearing tested and knowing that my hearing was not very good. I did a lot of lip reading. One day my husband called for a hearing test for himself and then he called and made and appointment for me at Swift hearing Centers with Chantelle. I was reluctant and defiant when to see her. We tried different hearing aids and found one that worked better for me and now I am glad because now I can hear things that I was missing for a long time. Thanks to my husband and Swift Hearing for getting me better hearing. Date: january 12,2015

jack R. Hoffart jack R. Hoffart
Before I decided to have my hearing tested, I would find it very difficult in the church hall to hear the discussions around the table where I was because of the noise of the 70 or 80 people in the hall. In addition, I had difficulty hearing the choir members in church before mass because of the congregation conversations. Now I can hear things better in a small group, in our group at the table in the large hall and I can hear choir members individually. Date: January 12,2015

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