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The Super-Effective Habits of Successful Hearing Aids Users

We all know that hearing aids make life easier and improve quality of life for those living with hearing loss. The author Stephen R. Covey has rightly said, ‘the key to success lies within you, all you need to do is find it.’

In many cases we know, that hearing loss is something we have to live with. However, with a few alterations to your daily routine and a mental adjustment can help you become successful in every walk of life.

 Wear The Hearing-Aids

The best thing you can do to get use to hearing again is to wear your hearing aids.  As soon as you wake up, put them on and leave them on until you go to bed that night.  Do not take them on and off and try to see if you can hear with them off.  Put them on and leave them alone.

Look After Your Hearing Aids

Place your hearing aids in a cool and dry place every night. As it happens with most small electronic devices, moisture is the greatest enemy of hearing aids. The moisture in the air is enough to do unseen damage to the inner workings of your hearing aids. Always keep a dry cloth and wipe the hearing aids with the cloth at least once a day and get any moisture away from them.

Resolve Issues (If Any) With Your Hearing Aids

Remember, if your hearing aids aren’t working properly, then you’re wasting a whole lot of money. So if you’re noticing any problems with your hearing aids or if you suspect that something is not right, ask your hearing aid specialist to check them out.

Double Check You’ve Turned Them Off

It’s wasteful of the battery to leave hearing aids on when you’re not wearing them. At night, double check you’ve turned them off. This also goes for any times during the day you may have removed them, but it’s an especially good habit to adopt just before bed.

Communicate Effectively

When you miss part of a person’s speech, don’t give up on the conversation. Instead, look for ways around it. Where your ears fail, your eyes and brain can often fill in. Use visual clues like facial expression, body language and lip reading to help fill in the gaps your ears can’t. Look at the speaker when he or she is talking, and pay attention to all the little details.

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