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Here’s How To Protect Your Hearing Aids This Winter

Are you experiencing your first winter with hearing aids? If yes, you many need to pay special attention to your hearing aids as cold weather can increase condensation in your hearing aids and stop them from working properly. And, as our ears are particularly vulnerable to the cold, so protective measures must be taken to enjoy the season safely. Here’re some tips to help your hearing aids make it throughout the wonderful winters intact:

Protect Your Hearing Aids From The Cold

Hearing aids and batteries can stop working due to extremely cold temperatures. Never leave them in a cold car or near a window in the winter. In addition, if you are going to be out in winters, make sure to protect your hearing aids from the cold. Wear earmuffs, a cap or headband over your ears. This serves to keep your hearings aids dry and prevent condensation.

Use A Dehumidifier 

Using a dehumidifier is one of the best ways to protect your hearing aids. Dehumidifiers inexpensive and can help protect the delicate circuitry inside your hearing aid. This prolongs the life of your hearing aids by safely and effectively removing moisture overnight as you sleep.

Dry Moisture From Your Hearing Aids

It’s important to wipe away any moisture from your hearing aids to protect them. You can do this by simply wiping away moisture from the outer shell and battery compartment of your hearing aid with a cotton ball. You can do this when you are back inside your house after going outside. 

Don’t Leave Them In Car

If you live in an area like Saskatchewan, with -40 Degree Celsius, do not leave your hearing aids in your cold car or near a drafty window as cold temperatures can affect the hearing aid’s battery performance.

Open Your Battery Case

Take out your batteries when you aren’t using your hearing aids and leave the battery case open. This will prevent your batteries draining so quickly and help dry out your hearing aids.

By adding the above steps to your daily routine, you can keep your hearing aids safe all winter long so you can enjoy the sounds of the season!  



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